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Indonesian immigration officially applied the most updated visa fees for tourist and busines

The Directorate General of Immigration released Circular No. IMI-KU.01.03-0074 on April 15, 2022, which changes the type and fee of immigration services. The most recent travel and immigration regulations will impact visa fees and make it easier for travelers to pay their visiting visa bills without having to visit a bank teller.

Based on immigration news release, this is the most updated Indonesia visit visa regulations both for tourist visa or business visa.

Previously, there were two fee components for single-entry visit visas: IDR 200,000 and USD 50. With the latest regulations regarding the price spike of Indonesian visas, visit visas will be a single-fee, with a visit visa rate of IDR 1,500,000 for tourist visits purpose and IDR 2,000,000 for business and other visits purpose. In addition, a new Visit Visa service has been launched, namely a 180-day Maximum Visit Visa at IDR 6,000,000.

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